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 Parkwood Community Centre
Parkwood Green
Rainham, Gillingham,
Kent ME8 9PN
Tel: 01634 371 886
 Centre Manager: Stephen Clark
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Parkwood Community Asociation was founded in 1977 by local residents to fulfill the needs of the fast growing Parkwood Estate. The aims of the Association are to promote the benefits of the inhabitants of Parkwood and neighbouring areas, in a common effort to advance education and provide facilities in the interests of social welfare, for recreation time occupation.

The object being to improve the conditions of life for its inhabitants. The Association is non-party political and non-sectarian in religion.

FULL MEMBERSHIP is open to all residents over 18 yrs age, living in the area of benefit, on payment of the agreed subscription. Any person living outside the area may be allowed to join as full members at the discretion and agreement of the Committee. 

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is open to well wishers anywhere, but they have no voting rights at members meetings.

GROUP MEMBERSHIP is available to constituant bodies such as voluntary organisations that operate in the area of benefit and satisfy the Committee that they are independent or branches of independent organisations.

The Main Hall & Side Rooms are available for hire to members and non-members, but non-members are not entitled access to the mebers lounge or bar faciltuies.

Over 10 years ago the P.W.C.A. Social Club was formed and is responsible for the running of the bar facilites, being for members use only. Members are allowed to bring in guests upon completion of the guest book and payment of required fee (currently £1 per person)

Children are also welcomed in the Centre but are expected to be kept supervised whilst on the premises.

Parkwood Community Association is a charitable concern and totally self funding. Committees are elected each year to run the Association and Social Club and are alweays looking for members with plenty of ideas and enthusiasm to take an active interest. For continued success to maintain this charitable status, it is important that the Centre has the full support of it's members, the inhabitants of Parkwood and the community it is serving.

New memberships are available throughout the year and are renewed annually each November.

All enquries can be made through the Centre Office details available above or click on Contact Us tab.

We look forward to seeing you.